IT Collection Services

KMK Metals Recycling has a fleet of secure vehicles that can collect your IT equipment from anywhere in Ireland.

Depending on the quantity and service requirement, we can offer on-site destruction, secure seal containers and certified data sanitisation for data security and your peace of mind. Security in transit is emphasised with collections carried out by experienced and trusted drivers in GPS tracked vehicles.

Recycle your IT equipment in a secure, compliant and cost-effective way, by requesting a collection today.

What is involved in the IT equipment collection service?

  • Complete 'collection request' form with company name and address, contact details, VAT number, access restrictions (if any), suitable collection date/time.
  • Provide a description of the material being collected, the quantity, location, PO number (if available) and any other relevant details.
  • Prepare material for effective collection i.e. unplug / disconnect from sockets.
  • Ensure free from surplus chemical, human, animal, plant or soil material.
  • Remove any irrelevant safety warning labels.
  • Remove external packaging prior to collection.
  • More detailed instructions available here in the WEEE Presentation Guide:
  • Complete and sign 'Collection Docket' (Driver and the customer)
  • You will receive an invoice/settlement from KMK Metals Recycling’s Accounts Department and a recycling certificate from our Logistics Department within one working week.

For more detailed information on how to present your material, please see the WEEE Presentation Guide and Summary below: