Display Equipment

Display equipment includes old-fashioned cathode ray tubes (CRT) and flat screen TVs and computer monitors, such as plasma and liquid crystal displays (LCD).

CRTs contain hazardous phosphor powder, leaded glass, copper and other rare metals. These materials can be re-used to make new products. Panel and funnel glass from the cathode ray tubes are also recovered.

Plasma screens and LEDs are manually disassembled as they do not contain hazardous components. They can be manually or mechanically treated.

To remove the mercury lamps in LCD televisions, they must be disassembled before processing. At KMK Metals Recycling we use the latest robotic technology to process LCD panels in the safest and most efficient way possible. (LINK to more)

The Recycling Process

  • Dismantling – by hand or automated
  • Cathode ray tubes separation
  • Shredding and metal removal
  • Glass cleaning and sorting
  • Shipped to authorised facilities in Europe for further processing