The term "compliance" refers to conduct that is consistent with specified legal and other requirements.

These include laws, acts, regulations, codes of practice, industry guidance and internal company policies. The alternative, unlawful conduct, can cause considerable reputational damage and lead to court proceedings affecting more than just market position.

Compliance is at the core of KMK Metals Recycling’s business model. As a unique industrial enterprise and local employer, we are aware of our significant responsibility towards our community, the environment, customers and business partners, as well as our employees.

In order to fulfil the essential and extensive responsibility of compliance, KMK Metals Recycling has appointed a dedicated Compliance Department who provide QEHS oversight to our operations and manage our WEEE facility certifications. The Compliance Department is the contact point for all queries related to compliance and is responsible for incorporating compliance into the company ethos.

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With a growing Compliance Department and additional resources provided to quality, environment and health & safety (QEHS) aspects of the company each year, we aim to conduct our business in an environmentally-sound manner that is protective of human health. 

KMK Metals Recycling has achieved certification, to internationally recognised standards, at both our operational sites.

An Integrated Management System (IMS) is implemented at both KMK Metals Recycling sites, delivering the intent of our QEHS policy objectives. The IMS offers consistency of service and operational performance across its coverage, and it structures and controls documentation pertaining to Quality, Environment and Health & Safety, ensuring they remain accurate, relevant and useful to employees and our customers.

When you choose KMK Metals Recycling as your recycling partner, you can be assured that:

  • We treat your waste in authorised and compliant facilities using best available technologies;
  • We conduct our operations in ways consistent with our QEHS policies;
  • We are inspected and audited on a regular basis by authorities and auditors to the highest industry standards;
  • All collections and transfers are conducted in compliance with waste transport regulations;
  • There is accountability for what happens to our output fractions and wastes through regular auditing of our downstream outlets.