KMK Metals Recycling

Established in 1979, KMK Metals Recycling is an EPA licensed end of life metals recovery facility based in the centre of Ireland.

An industry leader in specialist metals waste recycling, KMK manages 75% of Ireland’s waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

KMK offer the following services:

  • Collection service for hazardous and non-hazardous metals, batteries and electrical waste.
  • ‘Desk-side’ collection of business to business (B2B) electrical waste such as computers, printers and peripherals.
  • Treatment of WEEE to the mandatory standards prescribed in Irish legislation and certification for your records.
  • Battery management including consultancy, receptacle, provision, collection, sorting and processing.
  • Specialist metals valuation, management and recycling.
  • B2B WEEE services including consultancy, Authorised Representation (AR) advice, waste management plan assistance and authorised recycler provision.

KMK's four decades of experience, the highest level of compliance and a complete suite of credentials are at your service.