Processing Plant & Equipment

Smasher Plant

KMK has commissioned the latest smasher technology to treat mixed electrical and electronic waste in Ireland.

Vicor CRT Dismantling Station

CRTs (the glass screen from conventional televisions and computer monitors) are dismantled and processed, and all metals and plastic fractions extracted are crushed, stacked and seperated.

Erdwich Shredder

All equipment containing data carriers, such as hard drives are securely disassembled, sorted and shredded.

Battery Sorting Plant

KMK has a purpose built batteries sorting line whereby trained operatives identify and sort all types of household batteries brought to the facility from organised collections.

Weighbridge Technology

KMK recently had two DMC weighbridges installed. A number of platform scales are also on site.

Euromec Hydraulic Baler

Used for the baling of steel fractions from various processes.