Win one of ten pairs of recycled headphones for International E-waste Day

   Thu, 14th Oct, 2021

To celebrate International E-waste Day, KMK Metals Recycling Ltd. is giving away ten pairs of House of Marley in-ear headphones, which are made from natural and recycled materials.

On International E-Waste Day 2021, leading experts and producer responsibility organisations are calling on households, businesses and governments to get behind efforts to get more dead or unused plug-in or battery-operated products to facilities where they can be either repaired or recycled to recover a fortune in valuable materials and reduce the need for new resources.

KMK Metals Recycling is one such facility, and the industry leader in Ireland, responsible for the collection and recycling of over 75% of the country’s e-waste.

Max Kyck, General Manager of KMK Metals Recycling, commented: “We are calling on the people of Ireland to look around their houses, garages and businesses to find the treasures lying discarded within. Our message is ‘Don’t waste your e-waste, let us take the good out of it.’. We have the skills and expertise to break electrical and electronic waste down into its core components so that they can be put back into re-use. Many of the electronics we recycle contain tiny amounts of critical raw materials such as gold and silver, which would otherwise be lost to landfill.”

To enter our International E-Waste Day competition, head to our social media pages. The competition runs from today, October 14th until 12pm on Thursday, October 21st.