Summer update from the KMK Biodiversity Project

   Thu, 11th Jul, 2024

Environmental Quality Officer, David Finane, has taken time out of his busy day to provide an update on the ongoing biodiversity project at our Kilbeggan facility.


We have been busy at the KMK Biodiversity site in Kilbeggan this week, with some low impact maintenance carried out by our landscaper Declan Kelly. Our main site was becoming thick with foliage resulting in the blurring of lines between the main path in the woodland and the banks at each side. Our approach to tackling this was strimming the overgrowth on the pathway instead of spraying harmful weed killer as the dead foliage will break down over time. Our KMK box hedging signage was hand weeded and is looking strong and healthy. More bird boxes and feeders were erected in the main area as well.

This year as part of our commitment to the All-Ireland Pollinator plan for business objectives and targets, we tackled the overgrown foliage in the Bird Sanctuary area of the site and felled some of the Downey Birch trees that were competing for space and protruding on to the car parking space.

More bird boxes and feeders were hung on selected trees in this area of the site with a special feeder donated by KMK Metals Recycling's managing director Kurt Kyck.