Safety assessment of swollen consumer Li-ion pouch cell

   Tue, 12th Nov, 2019

German company, Accurec Recycling, a battery outlet used by KMK Metals Recycling, has produced a paper on ‘Safety assessment of swollen consumer Li-ion pouch cell’. In this study, the safety risk of swollen consumer Li-ion pouch cells has been studied and evaluated. Scientific abuse tests were carried out to reproduce external extreme conditions which could happen to end-of-life (EOL) Li-ion batteries when they are being handled in waste and recycling stream. These comprehensive test series shows that swollen consumer Li-ion pouch cells are safe, against commonly understanding of specific high-risk fraction. Independently of the state-of-the-charge (SOC) of batteries, no thermal runaway (TR) was triggered in any test. Furthermore, the study investigates chemical background of swollen pouch cells (SPCs) as well as the swelling mechanism and explains their moderate behaviour under external abuse conditions.

Read the full study here: https://accurec.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Abstract-Safety-Assessment-Pouch-Cells.pdf