Recycling This Christmas!

   Mon, 18th Dec, 2017

If you have old Christmas lights that you’ve spent ages detangling only to discover that they no longer work? Recycle them!

KMK Metals Recycling are once again supporting Tullamore Christmas Lights and joining up with The Bridge Shopping Centre to encourage everyone to recycle their festive lights for free as opposed to sending them to landfill.


KMK are Ireland’s largest recycler of WEEE - Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment & batteries in Ireland and have committed annually to supporting this recycling initiative.

This is part of the fundraising drive which helps to pay for the annual display of festive on-street lighting throughout Tullamore town centre over the Christmas season.

You can help us to raise funds for next years’ town centre on-street Christmas lighting by simply bringing your old Christmas lights and batteries to the Bridge Shopping Centre in Tullamore.