Recertification of ISO 45001 Standard for KMK Metals Recycling

   Thu, 21st Dec, 2023

KMK Metals Recycling has once again achieved recertification of ISO 45001 at both its Tullamore and Kilbeggan facilities. ISO 45001 is an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

Achieving ISO 45001 certification involves the company implementing and maintaining a system that meets the requirements of the standard, which requires support and commitment from all staff and departments in KMK Metals Recycling.

Eamonn Pidgeon, Compliance Manager of KMK Metals Recycling, commented: “Achieving this standard means we commit to allocating resources, defining roles, and communicating the importance of health and safety daily. This ISO standard ensures companies have the appropriate procedures and policies in place to support a safe work environment for all staff while also improving the framework and paperwork that follows.

“Having both sites certified to ISO 45001 and zero non-conformances at both facilities in 2023 is a significant achievement for KMK. Senior management commitment is a crucial factor in the success of any ISO and recertification shows KMK Metals Recycling values and prioritises employee health and safety. Recertification to the ISO 45001 standard indicates a continuous dedication to improvement and advancement in occupational health and safety management.

“Maintaining a robust health and safety management system not only ensures compliance with standards but also contributes to a safer and healthier work environment for all employees.”