Help make Tullamore the waste battery collection capital of Ireland

   Tue, 24th Feb, 2015

Tullamore has quickly become a major servicing centre for WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and battery waste in Ireland. KMK Metals Recycling processes over 60% of all WEEE and manages 75% of all battery waste generated by householders in the 26 counties.

The volume recycled is nearly 20,000 tonnes each year for WEEE and 350 tonnes of household batteries. Each town and city has a role to play in ensuring that these waste streams are recycled rather than being disposed of incorrectly; going into the bin and to landfill, causing environmental issues.

Tullamore & County Offaly are leading the way in battery recycling with a flagship collection point in the 'Bridge Shopping Centre' in Tullamore town centre which has two main waste battery collection points in the main mall as well as blue battery boxes in individual retailers that sell batteries throughout the town. These battery collection points are emptied and replaced regularly by KMK on behalf of the main compliance scheme for batteries; WEEE Ireland.

KMK Metals urges householders to increase their recycling of batteries and asks more businesses to get involved to increase the number of collection points around the town and put Tullamore on the map as the waste battery collection centre of Ireland.

Getting involved is easy… any business interested in collecting and recycling batteries will be provided with free collection boxes and can deposit their batteries in the Bridge Shopping Centre collection points. Those businesses collecting in bulk will be provided with free collection and exchange of full boxes of waste batteries.

More details can be found on, follow us on Facebook or call 05793 41634.