KMK Raises €270 for GOAL Jersey Day

   Mon, 11th Oct, 2021

With the majority of staff back in the office this year, there was a great air of camaraderie for the annual GOAL jersey day at KMK Metals Recycling. Staff wore their favourite jerseys into work and made a contribution to the GOAL collection box, which was doubled by management, resulting in €270 being raised for the charity.  

GOAL delivers a wide range of humanitarian and development programmes, with a focus on systems, partnerships and building resilience. While GOAL continues to be an agile first-responder to humanitarian crises, it is also committed to working with vulnerable communities to help them survive crises and support them on the road to recovery.

GOAL’s purpose is to save lives and empower communities to develop resilience and greater control over their lives and livelihoods. GOAL aims to increase the resilient wellbeing of the world’s poorest people and focuses on those who are excluded or marginalised, particularly those who are vulnerable due to socio-economic status, gender or age.

Max Kyck, General Manager of KMK Metals Recycling, said: “GOAL Jersey Day is a great way to raise awareness and generate very necessary funding for a great global charity. Irish people and in particular the staff here in KMK are very generous when it comes to providing for those less fortunate.”