KMK Metals Recycling Scoops Tullamore Chamber Excellence in Sustainability Award

   Mon, 13th Nov, 2023

A large cheer went up at the KMK Metals Recycling table at the Tullamore Chamber Awards, when the final award of the night was awarded to the e-waste and metals recycling company for Excellence in Sustainability.

The awards ceremony was hosted by Midlands 103fm’s Ronan Berry at a gala dinner dance at the Bridge House Hotel on Friday 10th November. Announcing KMK Metals Recycling as the winner of the Excellence in Sustainability Award, Ronan described how the company recycles all forms of metals and over 75% of Ireland’s e-waste at two state of the art facilities in Tullamore and Kilbeggan.   

Max Kyck, General Manager of KMK Metals Recycling, commented:

“We were nominated for two awards – Best Large Company and Excellence in Sustainability. For us, it really was a case of saving the best for last as we are very proud of our achievements in terms of environmental sustainability. Our team constantly strive to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and climate action. We believe that the internationally recognised industry standards we achieve, including our ISO and WEEELABEX certifications, are what set us apart, and provide quality and assurance for our customers, contractors, employees and environment.

“Last year, we developed a biodiversity area at our Kilbeggan site and joined the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. We have installed PV solar panels at both our Tullamore and Kilbeggan premises, generating approximately 25% of our daily electricity usage with a planned upgrade to install additional panels in 2024. We already switched to LED lights some years ago, which has made a big difference in reducing our energy consumption. A move to electric plant and machinery is underway with a replacement programme to remove diesel powered plant and machinery and we have introduced fully-electric company cars. Other future plans include changing over to electric forklifts.

“I would like to thank our compliance team in particular for their work in this area but it is no exaggeration to say that each and every one of our 150 employees plays a part. Thanks also to Tullamore Chamber for choosing us as the winners of the Excellence in Sustainability Award and congratulations to all of the other award winners.”


Photos: Tom O'Hanlon