KMK Metals Recycling makes €1000 Donation to Ken Smollen Food Appeal

   Tue, 30th Mar, 2021

Staff from KMK Metals Recycling have organised a collection of food and chocolate treats for the Ken Smollen Food Appeal in the run up to Easter Weekend. Management topped up the collection, resulting in a food shop worth €500 and a cash donation of €500.

Food poverty campaigner Ken Smollen has been collecting and distributing food to people in need across the midlands, since 2016, with over 900 families accepting regular food packages. Ken updates his Facebook page regularly with heart-breaking stories of parents struggling to feed their families, with COVID-related job losses adding to the numbers he helps.

General Manager of KMK Metals Recycling, Max Kyck, commented: “Once again, it was some of our staff members who organised this food collection, and we were more than happy to get behind such a good cause. This past year has been tough for most people, but to add hunger to that in this day and age, is unthinkable. It’s good to see Ken getting continued support throughout the community for his tireless work.”