KMK Metals Recycling advances to Stage Two R2v3 Certification

   Fri, 22nd Dec, 2023

KMK Metals Recycling has achieved stage one of R2v3 certification for both its Tullamore and Kilbeggan facilities, one of the highest certifications within the electronics recycling industry for environmentally-friendly, safe and secure data destruction.

The R2v3 certification, administered by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) is the newest version of the R2 global recycling standard, which ensure that companies adhere to environmental standards and data protection from certified electronics recyclers. The R2 recycling certification was introduced in 2008 and was recently updated.

The R2V3 certification provides a common set of processes, safety measures and documentation requirements for facilities that repair and recycle used electronics across the globe. This rigorous, multi-step certification update includes some key changes, such as:

  • An increased emphasis on data protection
  • Even more robust process requirements
  • Clearly defined intended outcomes
  • Following focus material to end of life
  • Corporate Responsibility


Having successfully achieved stage one of the R2v3 certification, KMK Metals Recycling will proceed to stage two in early 2024.

Eamonn Pidgeon, Compliance Manager of KMK Metals Recycling, said:

“We have been preparing for R2 certification now for a number of months. KMK Metals Recycling wish to achieve R2 certification for many reasons but the one that is most important to me is that it shows we are committed to environmental protection and corporate responsibility. R2 similar to our WEEELABEX certification means it is the most environmentally friendly method of handling WEEE and electronic devices that have reached end of life as it has become the most commonly accepted standard for the ethical reuse and recycling of electronics. Achieving R2 certification is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond environmental considerations while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

“Obtaining R2 certification, will mean our customers will have peace of mind knowing that their data and end-of-life electronics are in safe hands and will meet the requirements set out by the R2v3 Standard. There will also be less of a burden on paperwork for all involved.

“To the best of my knowledge KMK are one of the first recycling companies in Ireland to go for R2 certification and yet again illustrates the commitment and passion here at KMK to continue to strive towards a more sustainable and circular economy. I look forward to the final stage and certification in early 2024.”