KMK Metals Recycling achieves the WEEELABEX Standard of Excellence once again

   Mon, 9th Jan, 2023

Following recent audits, KMK Metals Recycling has once again attained WEEELABEX certification at both its Tullamore and Kilbeggan sites, having conformed to the highest environmental standards. In 2015, KMK Metals Recycling became the first Irish company to achieve the WEEELABEX standard and has continued to retain it since.

As laid down in Irish law, companies involved in the treatment of WEEE are required to do so by adhering to the WEEELABEX or CENELEC standards EN 50625 and EN 50614, which compel companies engaged in the collection, transport, re-use and treatment of WEEE to conform to a very high environmental standard.

The WEEELABEX (the ‘WEEE Label of Excellence’) Standard, sets out measures related to the protection of the environment and human health and safety through the prevention and mitigation of the adverse impacts from the collection and treatment of WEEE.

The WEEELABEX Cert is seen as a Gold Standard achievement in the WEEE recycling Industry. Certified organisations only use other downstream organisations operating under equivalent conditions, which prevents the illegal shipment of WEEE to non-conforming enterprises, predominantly in third world countries. A condition for organisations achieving WEEELABEX is the need to be in possession of the ISO9001, (quality), ISO14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (H&S) certification.

KMK Metals Recycling is the only company in Ireland that is WEEELABEX approved for the four WEEE families, Small Household Appliances (SHA), CRT TVs, Large Household Appliances (LHA) and FPD TVs.

KMK Metals Recycling's Production & Operations Manager, Criostoir O’Brien, commented: “Retaining the WEEELABEX standard every year is hugely important to us, as a company that believes in doing things correctly and always seeking to operate at a very high level. Each one of our employees should be proud that we continue to achieve this high environmental standard, but I would like to especially recognise the work of our supervisors on the ground, who play a massive part in the process and deserve recognition for their hard work.”

The certificates have been made available to download on our website’s “Audit Us” section and KMK Metals Recycling can be found as a listed Operator on the WEEELABEX website: