KMK Coffee Morning to highlight the importance of Tullamore Goes Green

   Wed, 27th Sep, 2023

Storm Agnes did not get in the way of a coffee morning at KMK Metals Recycling to celebrate the town's now famous, Tullamore Goes Green campaign. 

Tullamore Goes Green runs in support of the national Green Ribbon campaign which is spearheaded by See Change, the national stigma reduction programme. The aim of the campaign is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and to encourage everyone to talk, listen and help people feel less alone and to seek support.

KMK Metals Recycling booked the Coffee Hut to come on site to provide warm drinks which were certainly welcome as strong winds and heavy rain battered KMK's Tullamore and Kilbeggan sites. Delicious cupcakes baked by Delicate Delights also went down a treat and highlighted the Tullamore Goes Green branding. 

Employees were given the opportunity to make voluntary donations which will go towards the work done by Accessible Counselling Tullamore. 

Joanne Burke, HR and Communications Executive at KMK Metals Recycling, commented, "Our coffee morning to highlight the important message behind Tullamore Goes Green was a lovely event. It gave our colleagues a chance to meet and chat, taking a break from their daily duties. We briefly considered postponing with the arrival of Storm Agnes but decided it was perfect weather to enjoy coffee and a cupcake. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of stigma around mental health issues, despite the fact that so many are affected. We wanted to get the message across that it is good to talk and to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed. Accessible Counselling Tullamore provides a great counselling service at low cost and all of our employees can avail of our Employee Assistance Programme which provides advice and free counselling for staff and their familiies."