KMK Attains WEEELABEX Certification at Kilbeggan Facility

   Wed, 19th Dec, 2018

KMK Metals Recycling is delighted to announce that the recently-opened facility in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath has passed its recent WEEELABEX general audit and is now fully-certified as a Type 1 and 2 operator for Flat Panel Display (FPD) units.

WEEELABEX (the WEEE Label of Excellence) is a European-wide Standard for excellence in WEEE Recycling, originally set up in 2011 by the WEEE Forum – the European Association of Electrical and Electronic Waste Take Back Systems. WEEELABEX standards contain the Europe-wide requirements relating to the collection and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

The WEEELABEX Standard provides a platform for assessment of those involved in the collection and treatment of WEEE in Europe. Those facilities who apply for the Standard subsequently are audited thoroughly for their compliance with the WEEE Directive and associated regulations including attainment of the stipulated Recycling and Recovery Targets to be met by all operators.

The attainment of WEEELABEX for all operators treating WEEE is mandated through the WEEE Regulations S.I. No. 149 of 2014.

Recently, the WEEELABEX Organisation has also succeeded to fully implement the CENELEC WEEE standards into the accredited certification scheme. Those who achieve the Standard are, as a result, certified as excellent and compliant WEEE Recyclers.

KMK was audited by Really Green Credentials Ltd., an independent organisation, whose Auditors have undergone specific training and are listed as approved Auditors by the WEEELABEX Organisation.

Our certificate has been made available to download on our website’s “Audit Us” section and KMK can now be found under two sites as a listed Operator on the WEEELABEX website: