KMK’s Kurt Kyck re-elected as President of the European Electronics Recyclers Association

   Thu, 6th Apr, 2023

Following its annual general meeting, board members of the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) unanimously voted to re-elect Kurt Kyck as President for a further three-year term.

Managing Director of Ireland’s leading e-waste and metals recycling facility, KMK Metals Recycling, Kurt was first elected President of EERA in 2019, having joined the organisation in 2008 and served on the board since 2013.

Kurt highlighted his passion for the role and what he feels EERA can achieve.

“My focus since becoming President of EERA has been on the importance of achieving a level playing field for all European WEEE recyclers and producers. A harmonised, legally binding standard for the collection and treatment of WEEE throughout Europe is the goal we have set ourselves. By having a set of legally binding minimum quality treatment standard for the recycling of WEEE across the European Union we would grow the capacities and technologies required for the recovery of WEEE derived resources.

“We have made some progress with the standard being a legal requirement in Ireland for instance and in some other countries like Netherlands and France, but more member states need to see the importance of a standard and quality recycling of WEEE.  In my second tenure as president of EERA I shall work closely with my board and members to follow the process of renewing the WEEE Directive across Europe in 2024 and hopefully producing a WEEE Regulation that will be implemented equally throughout all member states.

“I would like to continue promoting the capabilities of EERA members to contribute to the circular economy and to be given the certainty to innovate and extend their capacities. Together we can achieve better,” he said.

At the AGM, which was held in Amsterdam, five other members of the board were also re-elected with Esteban Marijuan-Requeta (Indumetal) as Vice President and Jan Visser (Mirec) as Treasurer. Other members are Marius Costache (GreenWEEE), Sabine Krattiger (Immark) and Axel Riemann (Noex). Tom Caris (Coolrec) had been elected last year and remains on the board.