It’s a very green Christmas at KMK Metals Recycling Kilbeggan

   Thu, 14th Dec, 2023

Instead of our traditional cut Christmas tree, this year our biodiversity team at our Kilbeggan facility decided to plant a more sustainable coniferous evergreen tree/shrub that can stay in the pot for longer and grow for many years to come.

The team have purchased some new plants for the biodiversity site and have decorated a big blue planter pot on site for winter.

Katarzyna Sigel, a member of the biodiversity team, commented: “In accordance with All-Ireland pollinator guides, we have chosen to plant some Anemone, Oxeye Daisy and Cowslip. Cotoneasters are a valuable source of nectar for pollinating insects. The berries are also highly attractive to blackbirds in winter. These will be planted in the woodland area to develop our Biodiversity site and help attracting more fauna too.

“In the big blue pot, I have planted some white Helleborus, Calluna (heather) as well as purple Heuchera. The pot also includes variety of daffodil bulbs, and lovely Bergenia with pink flowers all to bloom in the spring.”

The valued work of our biodiversity team led by David Finane and Katarzyna Sigel contributes towards fulfilling our commitment towards enhancing biodiversity and protecting pollinators on site at KMK Metals Recycling Kilbeggan in 2023.