First Electric Vehicle battery dismantled at KMK Metals Recycling

   Wed, 1st Dec, 2021

Today marked a milestone moment for KMK Metals Recycling as its newly-developed High Voltage Battery Department successfully dismantled its first ever electric vehicle (EV) battery.

Up to this point, all EV batteries were safely collected and stored in accordance with ADR/IMDG regulations before being shipped to the company’s further treatment facilities in Germany. This linear model was not a long-term sustainable solution, given the rapidly increasing market for industrial Lithium Ion Batteries or LLLBs (Long Life Lithium Batteries), so the High Voltage department was created to find a more feasible solution.


Kevin Thornton, Battery Department Supervisor, commented. “KMK Metals Recycling’s High Voltage Battery Department allows us to safely dismantle the batteries to a modular level, essentially cutting in half the material we are currently exporting as well as creating an opportunity to contribute massively to the Circular Economy. Modules which have been tested and approved for reuse can now potentially have a second life application.  With the world’s focus now heavily fixed on renewable energy and low carbon solutions, the opportunity for re-purposing these batteries was very appealing. Safely dismantling these LLLBs is just the first step to achieving our targets but for now we can significantly reduce the material we are exporting and the associated costs.”


KMK Metals Recycling could not have got to this point without guidance, assistance and support from the following:


Specialist HV Training - Eintac and Salvage Wire

Expert Training Consultants - Van Peperzeel  

Project Support - WEEE Ireland

Circular Economy Project - CircuilEire

Project Support - ELVES

Further Treatment - Accurec

The members of the High Voltage Battery Department are:

Kevin Thornton

Jaroslav Maryshchuk

Remigius Vasiliauska

Maciej Grezlikowski