Feed the birds, let them know it’s Christmas time

   Wed, 14th Dec, 2022

KMK Metals Recycling staff based at our Kilbeggan premises have been hard at work since the current cold snap began, ensuring that our feathered friends are looked after.

They have been leaving grubs on the picnic benches for the many robins that live in the woodland area and filling up the bird feeders that were completely frozen over with an insect and seed blend of wild bird food.

David Finane, Environmental Quality Officer, said: “During this cold and frosty weather here at KMK Metals Recycling in Kilbeggan, we have been busy at work putting out some food for the birds. Yesterday, late morning, the moon continued to preside over freezing temperatures of -1C, ensuring that the soil was impenetrable to hungry birds looking for worms. With our stock of Hexafly Grubs we provided a treat for the birds consisting of oven dried black soldier fly grubs which we scattered on our picnic bench in the woodland section of our biodiversity site. After some quick maintenance work on our frosted bird feeder, we quickly filled it up with our previously purchased Tom Chambers’ insect and seed blend for our robin friends. This is a good source of protein for our little red breasted visitors.”

New signs have been erected in the woodland area as part of the biodiversity to educate visitors about the birds and wildlife in the area, as part of the biodiversity project.