Did you know the 9th of May is Europe Day?

   Tue, 9th May, 2023

Did you know today May 9th is #EuropeDay?

To mark this, we are highlighting our membership of the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA). KMK Metals Recycling has been a member of EERA since 2008 and our CEO, Kurt M. Kyck, has been President of the association since 2019.

One of the main aims of EERA and its President, is to level the playing field by achieving a set of legally binding minimum quality standards for the collection and treatment of WEEE across the European Union.

EERA has a core goal to defend the interest of its members through research and participation at European and National governmental Level. Participation at industry events and discussion groups, and to use its influence to champion the implementation of sustainable rules, clear thresholds and a climate that stimulates investments in new recycling technologies.

The association continues to grow every year, with current membership standing at 39 electronics re-use, recycling and re-processing companies from all over Europe. For more on the activities of EERA visit: https://www.eera-recyclers.com/our-activities

Graphic: EERA website