Bulb planting time for KMK Metals Recycling’s Biodiversity project

   Fri, 18th Nov, 2022

Work was underway at KMK Metals Recycling’s Kilbeggan premises yesterday to get the spring bulbs planted throughout the woodland nature walk, as part of its continuing progress with its biodiversity project. Earlier this year, the company became members of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and have set to work creating a haven for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. 

Staff members David Finane and Katarzyna Sigel got to work planting over 50 bulbs which are dotted along the winding nature trail that snakes through the wooded area that runs alongside the outskirts of the site.

The bulbs were sourced through Katarzyna’s horticulture business, Sasanka based in Kilcormac, Co. Offaly. They included daffodils, crocuses and bluebells which will make their appearance in early Spring.

David Finane, Environmental Quality Officer at KMK Metals Recycling, commented: “It was the perfect time to kick off the winter stage of our biodiversity project and it was great to have the assistance from an expert like Katarzyna, who could tell us what wildflowers would be suitable for the area and when they should be planted.  As well as the obvious benefits for the environment and especially the bees, the wildflowers will be a beautiful sight along the walkway this coming spring.”

There is also an air of festive cheer recently, as Katarzyna has planted up a supersized container pot which was commissioned for KMK for the first time. This will also include a centrepiece Christmas tree surrounded by some festive looking plants, such as Heathers and Helleborus.

Future elements planned as part of the biodiversity project include a maintenance schedule for the developing areas of the site, a bird sanctuary in a small area of the carpark for summer 2023 and a continuation of FIT counts which help the National Biodiversity Data Centre to form policies around biodiversity related issues.