Biodiversity Blog: An abundance of growth this Autumn

   Wed, 4th Oct, 2023

Now that summer has passed and we have moved into autumn, we wanted to provide a little update on how the biodiversity site at our Kilbeggan facility is progressing.

The first observation is that the floor of the woodland walk is being taken over by ground ivy. Also, there are a number of holly trees/bushes developing well since being given more space to grow after the clean-up this year. The two honeysuckle plants behind the sign are also prospering.

As advised by biodiversity officer, Sarah Kelly, we have decided to leave some areas where the bramble can thrive next year to feed bees in summer and birds in autumn and winter.

We have noticed that there is also lichen growing on the trees as well. Cool wet conditions promote fungal growth, and the soil is quite wet in some parts of the site.

Birds, snails, slugs all eat fungi so at least they will not go hungry.