Best season ever for cyclist Ellen McDermott as KMK Metals Recycling renews sponsorship

   Thu, 17th Feb, 2022

KMK Metals Recycling has renewed its sponsorship of Tullamore’s Ellen McDermott for 2022, after she enjoyed her most successful cycling season to date. Ellen (33) has been making her name on the European cycling stage, ever since winning a bronze medal at the Elite National Road Race Championships in Wexford in 2017.

Here is a round-up of 2021 in her own words. 

Although 2021 was a disrupted year for everyone, I managed to pull off my best season yet.

Multiple podiums in the UK most notably with a 2nd place at the notoriously tricky Women’s CiCLE Classic, earning me a bottle of Duvel for my efforts.

As soon as travel was permitted again it was across to Belgium where the form and podiums continued. 

However, my most enjoyable time was during the UK Tour Series throughout August. These are fast and furious town centre races and they have an electric atmosphere which I thrive off!

Thanks to my standings in the sprint competition, I got to wear the blue points jersey and had a good run of top 5s. 

Although I didn't win a race last year - I did manage to secure enough race points to get my Elite License which I have been hunting for a while.

Best of luck to Ellen in 2022 from everyone at KMK Metals Recycling.