Another successful IERC conference in Salzburg with insigntful presentations and discussions

   Thu, 3rd Feb, 2022

Managing Director of KMK Metals Recycling, Kurt Kyck, recently attended the 2022 IERC conference in Salzburg, representing European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) as President of the organisation and participating in a round table discussion on 'How to make the Green Deal work for Industry'.

IERC 2022 is the international platform for reviewing the challenges faced by the Electronics Recycling Industry on a global basis. For the 20th consecutive year IERC brought together the international community of experts and decision makers of the entire Electronics Recycling value chain, including electronics recyclers and producers, collection organizations, OEMs, policymakers, materials and services providers and many more.

During the conference from 18 – 21 January, the  International Bromine Council (BSEF) organised a workshop about WEEE plastics, consisting of a block with presentations and a block consisting of a discussion round table. Three topics were presented before a round table discussion took place:

1. The impacts of BFR on the recycling of plastics – Federico Magalini SOFIES

2. BFR Thresholds….the never ending discussion – Chris Slijkhuis EERA

3. Technologies for de-toxifying EEE Waste Streams – Luca Campadello ERION

A useful summary of the workshop is available on the EERA website: