KMK Metals Recycling has maintained environmental management system certification (ISO 14001) since 2001.

We are therefore fully cognisant of our operational and moral responsibility to continually assess our activities, determining how they may affect the environment and ensuring suitable measures are put in place to minimise all potential impacts.

KMK Metals Recycling works closely with WEEE Ireland and together we manage to exceed national waste management targets with great commitment and effort from both sides. Our aim is to responsibly recycle the public’s waste, preventing WEEE and batteries from going to unauthorised treatment operators and leaking from the system into landfill or illegal practices.

Our operations are regularly scrutinised by government authorities ensuring that conditions of licences, permits and registrations are continually abided by, leaving no margin for error.

KMK Metals Recycling will continue to work with the public and businesses to reduce their negative environmental impacts and encourage responsible recycling of all metals, WEEE and batteries. We also look to reduce our own impacts by minimising our energy consumption, carbon footprint, waste generation, water use and improving our sourcing, expertise and operational efficiency.