European Electronics Recyclers Association

KMK Metals Recycling is a board member of EERA - the European Electronics Recyclers Association, members of which include the main electrical waste recyclers in Europe such as Aurubis, Coolrec, Galloo, SIMS Recycling, Stena Technoworld and Remondis.

EERA members seek to work collaboratively with other stakeholders such as producers, take back schemes, governments and the European Commission to improve the accountability of the value chain. Together with the supply chain of collectors, transporters and sorters, the WEEE reuse, recycling and reprocessing industry is a significant sector of the economy and provides jobs for over 10,000 people and contributes to conserving 2,9 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

Founder and Managing Director of KMK Metals Recycling, Kurt Kyck, was appointed to the role of President of EERA in 2019.

EERA Website