Monitors & Screens

Liquid Crystal Display Panels

At KMK Metals Recycling Kilbeggan we use the very best technology to process liquid crystal display (LCD) panels in the safest and most efficient way possible.

The Votechnik ALR 3000 is a fully automated, high through-put technology designed to meet the WEEE Directive recycling rates. The ALR 3000 can process 60 LCDs per hour and safely separate the liquid crystal glass panel and the mercury from the LCD display.

The recycling of LCDs is a particular problem for most electronics recyclers as, according to legislation, most mercury and liquid crystals containing component must be removed from LCDs before the traditional treatment of shredding. KMK Metals Recycling is the only company in Ireland to use a fully automated LCD recycling process.

The ALR 3000 delivers critical infrastructure to enable a truly circular economy for LCD screens, allowing critical raw material (CRM) recovery that is otherwise lost. It uses state of the art robotics in the most advanced, safe and efficient way, putting KMK Metals Recycling at the forefront of flat screen recycling technology.