Battery Recycling

Batteries in Ireland fall into two categories:

Household/ Portable:
Typical AAA, AA, C&D cell & 6V batteries, single use and rechargeable. These batteries are collected on behalf of the compliance schemes WEEE Ireland and ERP Ireland.

Automotive and traction batteries. Batteries for professional use such as wet nickel cadmium, e-bike and e-car cells. These batteries may also fall under the remit of the compliance schemes. Please contact KMK  for more information. 

Batteries in Ireland:
All types of batteries are collected nationwide by KMK Metals Recycling. On behalf of WEEE Ireland, a team of battery collection agents collect from retail outlets, participating businesses and schools. WEEE Ireland provide collection boxes, please visit WEEE Ireland for more information.

Sorting batteries by type and by chemical composition is an essential component of the overall management of batteries at KMK.

As an island, there are restrictions legislated against the movement of unsorted or mixed batteries by sea. IMDG and ADR rules prescribe the rules which need to be adhered to for the safe and legal movement of battery waste.

The end destination for the sorted chemistries are dedicated recycling facilities in the UK and Germany. These facilities are managed to the highest environmental standards.

Lithium Batteries: Caution: 
KMK urges all stakeholders in battery collections to exercise caution when handling batteries but in particular lithium batteries. Please tape pole ends to avoid potential short circuits. 

Please isolate any batteries which may be defective i.e - overheating, leaking or bulging in particular lithium polymer (as found in smartphone and tablets).