Precious Metals

KMK Metals Recycling can recover precious metals from a range of specialist materials:

  • Precious metal scrap
  • Metallic residues, dust and filter cakes
  • Metal pastes and wipes

Precious metal scrap can be recycled to recover metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum and rhodium.

Specialist materials such as metal-containing residues and dust and filter cakes from the fine-chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering and metal-processing industries can also be recycled and the metals recovered.

Cleaning clothes, wipes and gloves which are saturated with precious metals or solder paste can be recycled, as can conductor pastes, solder pastes and resistor inks. Jars, containers and tubes can be emptied, the residuals recycled and the metals recovered.

KMK Metals Recycling can also recover non-ferrous metals, such as tin, zinc, aluminum and copper, from materials including solids, dusts, grinding powders and filter cakes.


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