Waste Management

KMK Metals Recycling can provide a fully compliant metal waste management solution to meet your hazardous and non hazardous metal waste requirements.

Our waste management services include a secure and regulated waste collection and recycling service for metals throughout Ireland.

KMK's own fleet is complimented by long established, dedicated WEEE and batteries logistics partners.

We issue official certification to businesses for the completion of each collection order.

The format for KMK's Waste Management Solutions:

Enquiry stage:  

  • Email to info@kmk.ie or sales@kmk.ie or to your direct contact @kmk.ie.
  • Your email will be routed internally to the relevant division depending on the nature of your enquiry. You will receive a prompt reply.
  • If your enquiry is collection related please advise us of your inventory for recycling quotation.
  • Our bespoke quotes are based on direct and efficient collection and best practice, WEEELABEX compliant recycling.


  • Once agreed you will be set up as a customer on our management system and a schedule of service include agreed terms will be issued to you.

Completion of Order:

  • Upon completion of the collection order a certificate of recycling is prepared for your records.

Our Waste Management credentials are available for inspection or download here!

Waste Management Solutions